Target Groups

Target Groups of APAP

APAP’s targets are the poor. APAP recognizes that, poverty is a denial of human rights and is both a cause and a product of human rights violations. The definition of the poor goes with the understanding of poverty from a human rights perspective. It also recognizes that tackling poverty as a human rights obligation and challenge is key to the realization of poverty reduction efforts and development goals.

The human rights perspective of poverty identifies the poor as those sections of the society who are the recurrent victims of non-realization of rights and those who are in situations of vulnerability.

It logically follows that the people whose rights are denied are poor; that they do not have easy access to the justice system, to the decision-making process and little or no access to resources and basic services such as food, education, health and housing. Those who are denied of such basic rights and entitlements constitute the poor who are the primary targets of APAP.

APAP’s Partners

The programs of APAP are funded by the APAP partners’ consortium. The consortium, apart from funding, advices, monitors and evaluates the programs of APAP.

Members of the consortium are:-

  • Austrian Development Cooperation
  • Finland Embassy
  • Ireland Embassy
  • Norwegian Church Aid
  • NOVIB – The netherlands Organization for International Development Cooperation
  • SIDA – Swedish International Development Agency
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Join APAP and support its activities to further its cause by sharing your knowledge and expertise.Your support will be an invaluable asset in the promotion and protection of human rights in Ethiopia.