APAP Gives Training to Counselors in Addis Ababa

APAP Gives Course to Council Members in Addis Ababa

APAP gave a course to the members of the Council of Kebele 14/15 under the Bole sub-City on August 03, 2009. The one-day course was given in the Assembly Hall of the Kebele. And the beneficiaries thereof numbered 180. Of these, 58 were females.

Through the course, the members of the Keble’s Council were acquainted with the basic concepts of child rights, human rights in general and democracy.

The course was given by two staffs of APAP’s, and was aimed at raising the awareness of the members of the Kebele’s Council about child rights, human rights and the principles of democracy. It was given as part and parcel of APAP’s Accountability and Capacity Strengthening Program.

The event was given coverage by a few of the FM radio stations in Addis Ababa and by the Ethiopian Television.

APAP Gives Basic Legal Education and Training to Kebele Counselors of Arada Sub-City

It is to be recalled that one of the activities that APAP undertakes under its Legal Empowerment Program is the provision of basic legal education. Accordingly, during the months of July and August of 2009, APAP provided the members of the Council of Kebele 11/12 under the Arada sub-City with basic legal education.

The objective of the legal education was acquainting the members of the Council of the Kebele with the basic concepts of the law of the country and with certain legal skills that would help them better fulfill their duties and responsibilities, as well as refreshing and updating their knowledge of these laws.

The first part of the education was given on the premises of the kebele and was attended by 75 participants, of whom 34 were females.

The participants were given the lessons by four senior-year students of the Law Faculty of the Addis Ababa University, who used the six street-law materials published by APAP as textbooks. The lessons included the following:

  • Law and Order;
  • The Ethiopian Constitution;
  • Democracy;
  • Human rights;
  • The Family Law;
  • The Law of Succession;
  • The Economic Laws of Ethiopia;
  • The Property Law;
  • The Criminal Law and Procedure; and
  • Basic Legal Skills.

Following the basic legal education, APAP’s staffs gave the members of the Council of the Kebele a four-day legal training, using the manual prepared by APAP for the purpose under the title “Training in Human Rights.” The training consisted of the economic, social and cultural rights of citizens, community mobilization, community participation and the rights-based approach to development.

At the end of the training, the participants were given certificates. What is more, the closing ceremony was given wide coverage by the mass media of the Addis Ababa City Administration.

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