About APAP

APAP conducts the following major activities:

  • Production of IEC materials such as e-newsletter, leaflets, posters and magazines directed against both the duty bearers and the rights holders.
  • A journal that adopts a broad-based, multidisciplinary approach to human rights issues, legal aspects of human rights and also with the philosophical, historical, sociological, economic and political dimension of human rights will be published. The journal will be published through the contributions of professionals, scholars, and experienced field workers.
  • Dissemination of human rights information through TV program. TV dramas and short messages that are produced have both entertaining and educating elements have been produced and will be broadcasted through various channels.
  • Moot court competitions will be organized among law school students of higher education institutions on legal and human rights issues at the national level.
  • Various training programs will be organized for government officials with the view to strengthen their capacity and commitment to the human rights obligations of the government.
  • With the view to enhancing the capacity and commitment of moral duty bearers on human rights a number of training sessions will be organized for CSO leaders.
  • Other than supporting the already established legal aid centers APAP plans to the establishment of more legal aid centers in collaboration with CSO found in various parts of the country.
  • APAP is also conducting a major research project on legal services, rehabilitation and reintegration schemes in selected prisons in collaboration with the Norwegian Church Aid.
  • A new project to revitalize the role of legal professionals in child protection activities is also underway with the financial support of Oak Foundation.
  • Needs assessment and consultation both as a baseline study to implement its newly formulated programs as well as introducing the same for the concerned organs
  • Radio-based legal and human rights education through the national radio, Dire and Debub FM radios every Wednesdays, Sundays and Mondays, respectively
  • Production and dissemination of posters, leaflets and the biannual magazine Fitih Lehulum that specifically target the rights-holders
  • Provision of technical and financial assistance to human rights resource centers that APAP is running in ten various places in the country
  • Publication and distribution of a ‘How to Manual’ that aim at providing easy access to the concepts, features and enforcement of ESC rights in two volumes, both for the duty-bearers and rights-holders
  • Training for leaders of community institutions and paralegals on basic human rights and legal concepts